Weston Noble

That Happy Throng

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The myriad angels raise their song.  O saints, sing with that happy throng! Lift up one voice. Let heaven rejoice in our Redeemer's song!   (From the beloved Norwegian hymn "Behold the Host" - as translated by Gracia Grindal.) I'm sure that most of us who gathered at Decorah's First Lutheran Church on Thursday night

In Memory of Dear Jerry

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I just heard the news tonight of the death of an incredibly dear man named Jerry Moe, a good friend of mine from the Weston Noble Alumni Choir.  A few weeks ago,  Jerry called me to let me know that he had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and given no more than six months

O Master Let me Walk with You

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Some of you may recognize those words as the opening line a familiar Lutheran hymn- I thought it might be an interesting way to begin talking about what is bound to be one of the most profound and moving experiences of my professional life.  Weston Noble is here- the brilliant choral conductor under whose baton