Tremper High School

“Thank you for this Baby”

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This song of mine that has only been sung once - and I'm not sure it will ever be sung again because it was crafted for a very special occasion as a gigantic surprise for my sister-in-law, Polly.   She missed a few weeks at Tremper High School because of the birth of her daughter/my

  • The Tremper Chorale sings its performance at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Appleton for the Wisconsin State Choral Directors Convention.

That Most Beautiful Word: “Yes”

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This past week I was a small player in what turned out to be  a rather dramatic saga involving the Tremper High School Chorale.  I’m relieved to say that it ended as happily as it possibly could have, but it was touch and go for awhile. The story began with a gratifying invitation for the

In the midst of things we cannot understand

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I spent most of yesterday trying to take in the numbing news that Kris Novaez,  the choir director at Union Grove High School,  had been killed (along with her husband) in a motorcycle accident the night before.   The first Facebook posts seemed utterly preposterous - surely just a cruel joke.  But no,  real life turned