The First Nowell- with Weston Noble

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I am so fortunate to have three-fold memories of making music with the legendary Weston Noble:  from my undergraduate days (1978-1982),  from his year in residency with the Carthage Choir (2007-2008 - and brief return visits in subsequent years) and in the Weston Noble Alumni Choir.  How blessed was I?  In this season, I find

Bright, New Love

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This is my newest Christmas composition.  I wrote it for my Lincoln Chamber Singers for this year's Christmas Festival, "From Heaven Above."   Because composer Jocelyn Hagen had been commissioned to write a piece based on that hymn tune to serve as the concert's finale,  there were to be no other arrangements of that hymn sung

Over Lode

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My fall semester has been crazy busy, even for me, thanks to what I have been describing as a "ferocious overload" at Carthage combined with an especially challenging fall musical at the Racine Theater Guild.  The prospect of this semester was literally keeping me up at night through much of late August,  so tied up

Refuge and Strength

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This is a setting I composed of Psalm 46 - "God is our refuge and strength" - which is one of the traditional readings for Reformation Day.  It is sung here by the Senior Choir of Holy Communion Lutheran Church, where I am minister of music.   This was composed for a particular Reformation Day where

Goodbye, Bobbi

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It was eleven years ago that Kathy and her dad drove together to Indiana to pick up our brand new golden retriever puppy from a breeder there who had been recommended to us by Kathy's cousin Linda.  (Linda and her husband took one of the other siblings, whom they named Haley.) All of the way

Escaping the Ugly

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We are living through some ugly and unsettling times right now,  and there are urgent issues afoot that we cannot afford to evade or overlook.  Nevertheless, I have been incredibly grateful for those rare occasions this summer when something has come along to offer a welcome - if only temporary - escape from the world.

Looking for Lincoln – Three

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Our time in Springfield, Illinois ended in two places where, in a very real sense,  we retraced the steps of those who mourned the tragic and senseless loss of our 16th president.  The first was the Old State Capitol Building,  which looms majestically in the heart of downtown Springfield.  We were told that when it

Looking for Lincoln – Two

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Our first day in Springfield, Illinois was spent exploring its magnificent Lincoln Presidential Museum,  and it was a powerful and moving experience for both of us.  But the next day was even better- because we walked where Abraham Lincoln walked.   In fact,  we walked through the home where Lincoln, his wife and his sons

Looking for Lincoln

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One delightful fringe benefit to making the long trip to southern Missouri for the wedding of Mike Anderle and Alicia Petzoldt is that we were finally able to do something that we have talked about for years but never quite managed to do:  visit Springfield, Illinois and tour the home of our beloved 16th president,