I have been blogging since 2007. I write about various facets of my crazy life: performance, voice teaching, radio broadcasting, music ministry composition- with occasional commentary on major issues as well. From time to time I also blog about striking performances that I attend or noteworthy television programs or films that I see. Mostly, though, I write about my own life and the great fun I get to have.

Looking for Lincoln – Three

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Our time in Springfield, Illinois ended in two places where, in a very real sense,  we retraced the steps of those who mourned the tragic and senseless loss of our 16th president.  The first was the Old State Capitol Building,  which looms majestically in the heart of downtown Springfield.  We were told that when it

Looking for Lincoln – Two

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Our first day in Springfield, Illinois was spent exploring its magnificent Lincoln Presidential Museum,  and it was a powerful and moving experience for both of us.  But the next day was even better- because we walked where Abraham Lincoln walked.   In fact,  we walked through the home where Lincoln, his wife and his sons

Looking for Lincoln

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One delightful fringe benefit to making the long trip to southern Missouri for the wedding of Mike Anderle and Alicia Petzoldt is that we were finally able to do something that we have talked about for years but never quite managed to do:  visit Springfield, Illinois and tour the home of our beloved 16th president,

Always, Patsy Cline

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You've probably been told that times marches on, but every so often it miraculously turns back upon itself.  Such is the case with the Racine Theater Guild's revival of "Always, Patsy Cline," which brought down the house back in 2003 and is doing so again 14 years later.   And while there are all kinds

Mike Check

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It was about ten years ago when I first heard from a middle school choral director in Racine named Keri Bieri - who presides over one of the finest middle school choir programs ANYWHERE - who was hoping I might be willing to begin teaching voice lessons to a student of hers who was about

To see for certain

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A few nights ago,  Kathy and I sat down to watch a copy of the Racine Theater Guild's 1997 production of Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat,  which to this day remains (I believe) the RTG's all-time box office champ. (My wife was proud to sing in the ensemble of that production,  and it was a

A life full of music

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A few days ago on Facebook,  I posted something about a sweet moment that occurred during a Tremper High School choir rehearsal when I noticed a young lady in the front row bursting into tears as the men of the choir were singing an especially lovely moment from Beauty and the Beast.   One of

‘Tis Grace

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'Tis grace that brought me safe thus far .... and grace will lead me home.  This remarkable photograph was taken several years ago by my sister Randi. (I'm sharing it here with her permission.)    The solitary figure in the frame is, of course,  Weston Noble.   And he is seen walking up to the

A New Coat

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So what is it about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat that makes it such an irresistible show to so many people?   I cannot figure it out.   The story is one of the most famous stories out of the Old Testament,  but in Andrew Lloyd Webber's telling,  it offers up a rather convoluted

In Appreciation of Teachers

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I'm told that this is Teacher Appreciation Week-  and I know that a lot of people are making a point of thanking significant teachers in their lives.   I also know of at least one colleague from Carthage (you know who you are, Lorian Schwaber) who took a moment yesterday on Facebook to thank her