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Going to the Chapel of Love

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A faculty colleague of mine,  Dr. James Ripley,  posted something on Facebook yesterday about an anniversary that otherwise would have slipped right past most of us.  Yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the dedication of Siebert Chapel,  a place that in many ways has become like a second home to me over the last 25

Morning Blend

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I can't get over what an interesting morning of "blending" I had yesterday.   My workday began at 8:10 with a live radio interview with a formidable faculty colleague from Carthage,  Dr. Thomas Carr, who heads our paleontology department.  Dr. Carr has been on my program a number of times to talk about dinosaurs -and

An Elektra Complex

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Although the vast majority of my time and energy is currently devoted to Mozart's sparkling comedy "The Marriage of Figaro" (which we're performing at Carthage this coming Saturday and Sunday)  I have also been thinking a lot about an opera that could not be more different from Figaro:  a searing, horror-ridden one-act opera by Richard

Big Day

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Today was not exactly a leisurely Saturday-  but I wouldn't have traded it away for anything.  It may have been packed to the gills,  but at least it was packed with fun. 7:55 a.m. -  The day began with breakfast at Meli Cafe, one of our favorite breakfast spots - and the best place for

High Honors

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One week ago today,  the full-time Carthage music faculty was gathered in Siebert Chapel to be regaled by nineteen of our most talented music students - all vying for the opportunity to perform in our upcoming Honors Recital.  Talk about a lavish banquet of great music and impressive talent!  And when it was all done,

September Returns

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One sobering reality when a composer creates a new piece of music and shares it with the world is that there is always the very real possibility that it will never be performed again - that it will be relegated to some dark, dusty file drawer of discarded scores,   completely forgotten .... and not

Kryl Joy

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(That title only makes sense-  to whatever extent puns make sense - if you know that the name Kryl rhymes with "kill.") The concert at Carthage tonight that finishes up No Hate Week will begin with two lovely anthems sung by the Carthage Choir-  and on the podium to lead them, in place of Dr.

Hopes Exceeded

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Today was one of those days when I could not help but be incredibly grateful that I am a voice teacher,  and that I get to work with the students that I do.  Chapter One happened at today's Honors Recital auditions,  where my music faculty colleagues and I got to hear an impressive array of

I think that I shall never see

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"I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree."    - Joyce Kilmer At a glance, this photo may not seem to show much of anything except a sizable expanse of empty ground- but in fact you are looking at nothing less than a tragedy - because this is a plot

Laughs and Tears

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Opera colleague Matt Boresi and I experienced the strangest sort of musical split personality this afternoon-  because from 2:50 to 3:55 we rehearsed Mozart's delightful comedy "The Marriage of Figaro" - and then from 4:05 to 5:15 we drastically shifted gears and rehearsed "Black September,"  the opera we created this past January and premiered in