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Nic Sluss-Rodionov sings Schubert II

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It's hard not to feel a special chill when listening to my former student Nic Sluss-Rodionov sing Schubert's "Death and the Maiden."  This song is very seldom sung by male singers,  but I love how Nic so beautifully embodied both the fear of the maiden in the first half as well as the quiet, soothing

Nic Sluss-Rodionov sings Schubert

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Here is another excerpt from the senior recital of bass-baritone Nic Sluss-Rodionov.   He had a deep and rich affinity with the Lieder of Franz Schubert and I especially love the way he sang "Der Wanderer."  The text is uttered by someone who finds themselves wandering in a strange land, far from home, surrounded by

Nic Sluss-Rodionov sings Leporello

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I regret that my former student Nic Sluss-Rodionov never had the chance to perform the role of Leporello in a full performance of Mozart's Don Giovanni.  He would have been absolutely perfect in the part. Leporello is Don Giovanni's right hand man - and in this so-called Catalog Aria,  he is describing to Donna Elvira

Nic Sluss-Rodionov sings “Messiah”

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This is from the senior voice recital of Nicholas Sluss-Rodionov,  a former voice student of mine who was killed in a car accident earlier this year;  He was 33 years old. His recital was chock full of difficult music,  and he began the program in blazing fashion:  with "Why do the nations so furiously rage?"

The Suicide Index- Morning Show

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I am posting this on the last day of September because this month has been Suicide Awareness Month.  Over the last twenty-plus years I have done a number of Morning Show interviews on the topic of suicide,  but this is the conversation that I think was the most thought-provoking.  Susan Wickersham's memoir "The Suicide Index:

Big Debut

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I was just on hand for a most exciting singing debut.  No, it wasn't in any opera house or concert hall- and it wasn't for hundreds of people.   But trust me-  it was still a really big deal,  and a truly exciting and moving experience. The place:  Siebert Chapel The occasion:   Morning Chapel

Peter Gelb from the Met

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Here is a Morning Show interview from the archives that preserves one of the most exciting experiences I've ever had with the show.  Ten years ago,  the Metropolitan Opera undertook a project that helped to reshape the way people could experience the beauty and power and passion of Grand Opera-  the Metropolitan Opera's High-Definition Simulcasts

New Home

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Sixty pounds. Over the past eight months,  I have managed to lose sixty pounds ...... which, as a friend of mine pointed out to me,  is the equivalent of losing a small child.  Why did I do it?  And how did I do it? WHY: I began this for one reason and one reason alone:

Where is Love – 2015 Voice Recital

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Here is a beautiful song from Lionel Bart's "Oliver" and a performance of it by Caritas-  Kate Potter Barrow,  Kathy (my wife)  and me.  I suspect that it had been at least five years since the three of us had last sung this together- and we only managed to rehearse it the night before. Fortunately,