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8 Amazing Days

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Last night,  just as Kathy and I were returning to town after our big trip out east , she told me something that left me absolutely thunderstruck:   We were gone for 8 days- the longest we’ve been gone from home since we went to Europe more than 13 years ago.  No wonder it felt like

8 Amazing Days, except …

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It was indeed an incredible trip which Kathy and I just took-  but not quite perfect.  No trip ever is.   Here are a few snafus/disappointments/surprises that served to make the trip even more interesting. . . THE CHICAGO CRAWL:  It sure would be nice if a trip like this didn’t have to both begin and

Game Face

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This past weekend was a lively one, thanks to a visit from Kathy’s Aunt Linda.  When she’s around, there’s always a current of excitement in the air- and lots and lots of laughter.  And when she departs, it’s hard not to feel sad.  (When it came time to say goodbye to her Sunday evening,  our

Playlist for the Iowa Countryside

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It may be a bit shocking to people who know how important music is to me .... but for years I have spent the vast majority of my time in the car listening not to music but to speaking -  either NPR or certain programs on WGN (before their new management ruined the station)  or

Where ‘Bert’ was Born

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I have blogged before about how much I love the state of Iowa - and I feel so grateful to have been back to Iowa four times in the last four months ... far more often than has been the case in recent years.   This most recent visit took me officially to Dubuque to do

Male Call

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  This summer has been exciting not just because of fun trips which I’ve been able to make back to Atlantic and Decorah, two of my former hometowns, but also because I have taken on NINE new private voice students - all middle school or high school guys, and most of them taking private voice