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Another Kind of Sparkle

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One of the things I most deeply appreciate about teaching at Carthage is how I’ve come to love not just my students - but also the parents and grandparents who helped shape them into such fine young people.  Some of them are among the most interesting, delightful people I’ve ever known, and when students graduate

Part of the Parade

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I am not a dad. That’s really not a source of significant sadness for me.  That’s just the way life worked out for Kathy and me- and our life together has been too rich and satisfying for me to dwell too much on this one matter.  (I’m pretty sure she agrees.) But I’m not immune

Try to Remember

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It was June, 1938 - with the darkness of the Great Depression still very much in the air - when 26 men and women gathered to organize the Racine Theater Guild.  They each contributed fifty cents so the organization would have the princely sum of $13 for its capital fund, and away they went -

Bruno’s Baton

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  I knew I would have to write about opera today for several reasons.  It’s the birthday of my best friend, Marshall Anderson, who is my chief partner in all operatic matters.  It’s the birthday of Richard Strauss, who composed several of my favorite operas:  Salome, Elektra, Der Rosenkavalier. And today would have been the