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End Game

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  Life has a way of taking your own carefully crafted list of priorities and blowing it right to smithereens.  I was sure that today’s biggest story - and the topic of today’s blog entry - would be the unceremonious ending of my very favorite computer game,  Pathwords.  (Briefly,  it’s a game - I can’t

Countless Gifts of Love

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24 years ago,  I was a relatively happy bachelor-  with quite a full and satisfying life and with not much sense that my life was somehow incomplete just because I was single.  I look back now and see it a bit differently- and not in quite so positive a light - but at the time,

September Song

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Where were you, ten years ago?  When “it” happened? That’s one question. The other question is:  What do you most remember for that particular day and the days that followed?  The short answer to the second question for me is:   I remember the first moment of that second impact as though it were a wound