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Wedding Daze

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This past week we’ve all watched rather helplessly as American television turned over nearly every waking broadcast moment to the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton,  breathlessly obsessing over the most pointless sorts of details.   Will he do such-and-such?  Will she wear this or that?   I’ve never been so sick of anything in

And there was Light

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When I look back over this Easter weekend, the most enduring image will not be of brightly-colored Easter outfits or banners or flowers and everything else that made Easter morning so festive.   I think what I will remember most vividly is the darkness and quiet of last night’s Easter Vigil.  For those of you who

April Snows

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The last seven days have been hell.  Forgive me for speaking so frankly, but I can’t remember a seven-day stretch of time in which there was so much for us to be sad about- or mad about.  And I hasten to add that I’m not talking about bad things striking Kathy and me directly.   It’s

Tracks of my Tears

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A song made me cry this afternoon. . . but it wasn’t a song by Schubert or Schumann.  Nor was it by Sondheim or Schwartz. It was “Conjunction Junction.” That’s right.  “Conjunction Junction, what’s your function. . . “  from Schoolhouse Rock. And I’m not talking about a lump in my throat and blinking away

Silence and Songs

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This was a PACKED weekend for me. . . and I mean it felt like 36 pieces of chicken crammed into a 24-piece bucket. I use that image because everything was delicious, but it was too much.   There was a student recital Friday evening,  Large Group contest Saturday morning,  the Whad’ya Know Kenosha broadcast with

Grand Opera in a Lady Gaga World

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Last Saturday, best friend Marshall Anderson and I took in the most recent Metropolitan Opera simulcast (Rossin’s Le Comte Ory)  and in one of the intermissions, hostess Renee Fleming reminded the viewing audience that two of last year’s simulcast performances-  Verdi’s Aida and Puccini’s Turandot- could be purchased on DVD exclusively at Target stores and

We’ll Miss You, Miss Wright!

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My brother Steve called me last night with the news that our high school choir director,  Delma Wright, passed away earlier this week.   She was 90 years old,  so it was not any sort of surprise or the kind of untimely death that inspires that sort of pain and sorrow, and yet the news hit

Oklahoma. . . . Okay!

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Kathy and I have just returned from opening night of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma at Racine’s Horlick High School,  and we are still smiling from ear to ear,  thanks to this wonderful show and the marvelous performance it was given.    Adding another layer of fun to the proceedings in the fact that Kathy is a

Nesting Dolls

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Neither Kathy nor I are what you would call Nature Lovers.  We would rather walk over hot coals than go camping- and our idea of roughing it is eating dinner on our patio.  But over the last few days,  we have been communing with nature courtesy of an extraordinary website sponsored by the Raptor Resource

Where the Music Comes From

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  Actually, it’s Sunday night the 3rd of April as I type these words,  and I can’t promise that this will be one of my more eloquent blog entries.  Heck,  I’m not sure it will even be all that coherent, thanks to the utter (though happy) exhaustion I’m feeling right now after a week absolutely