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Fair Food

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I spent part of today helping to park cars at the Racine County Fair (a fundraising project for Holy Communion’s youth program)  and the perk for helping out - aside from the warm feeling of satisfaction you get in your heart, plus the ego boost of walking around in one of those bright yellow vests,

“Love for a wordless creature”

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Kathy and I love our two golden retrievers,  Bobbi and Ellie, very very much-  but then something will happen which either deepens that love still further or at least makes us acutely aware of that love and its intensity.   A couple of days ago, good friends of ours had to put their dog to sleep

Second Bass

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(As in “String Bass.”) Things got very interesting in the second weekend of performances of “The Andrews Brothers” at the RTG- just when we might have started to easily coast into the finish line. The reason was that we had two instances of substitutions in the band- neither of them a surprise but still cause

Party Animals

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Things were rockin’ and rollin’ at the Bergs last night (more than usual, I should say) because we hosted a cast & crew party for Andrews Brothers.  We used to host parties for the Carthage Christmas Festival when upwards of 80 people would crowd into our little cottage,  so last night’s group of 18 paled

Drew Blue

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With the close of “The Andrews Brothers”  at the RTG, Kathy and I also found ourselves bidding farewell to our houseguest Andrew Lenox,  one of the aforementioned Andrews Brothers and a former student of mine at Carthage.  Drew graduated in May but actually had to stick around over the summer to take care of a

Bike Riding at the Racine Theater Guild

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Tonight kicked off our second weekend of performances of “The Andrews Brothers” at the Racine Theater Guild - and there was plenty of electricity in the air, both expected and unexpected,  both literally and figuratively.   Let’s start with the unexpected and literal electricity.  As we prepared to begin tonight’s performance,  Racine County went under the

The Parade

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My return to the Kenosha Pops Band tonight (after a three week absence) could not have been more festive, thanks to the Halloween theme chosen for the evening.  This has come to be one of the happiest new traditions of the band, with the vast majority of musicians decked out in some outrageous costumes. .

Colorful Character

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  Our foyer has been in serious need of repainting for some time now,  thanks mostly to Bobbi - the younger of our two golden retrievers - whose very favorite resting place is in the entry way between our foyer and family room.   9 times out of 10 when you would walk into the house, 

Off to Other Seas

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  Holy Communion Lutheran Church is affectionately known as “the Church on the Hill,”  but I’m starting to wonder if our nickname shouldn’t be “the Church of Frequent Farewells.” In January,  we bade farewell to Pastor Jeff Barrow,  Holy Communion’s senior pastor for the previous seventeen years, so he could become bishop.    Pastor Steve Samuelson

Brotherly Love

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And now for a word about the Racine Theater Guild’s summer musical:  “The Andrews Brothers” - which, as the photo above suggests,  is not exactly “Hamlet.”  This show is basically an excuse to enjoy about twenty hits by the Andrews Sisters. . . which for those of you who are too young to recognize the