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Flu Away

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It’s amazing how instantaneously a sunny sky can turn dark and ominous - and I experienced one of those wrenching emtional reversals yesterday morning.  I was walking out of Madison’s Monona Terrace with Dad and Nathan,  still on Cloud Nine (or at the very least,  Cloud Eight-and-a-half) because of the fine singing which the choir

Approaching Perfection

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Yesterday,  bright and early - brutally early, in fact - the Carthage Choir had the privilege and honor of performing for the Wisconsin State Music Teacher’s Convention in Madison.  It’s an honor which does not come along every day, and what made it an even more exciting experience for the school is that both the

Proud Grandpa’s Song

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I have a lump in my throat as I think back to this past Sunday morning and to the deep satisfaction and joy I felt as I sang a duet with Ken Harris,  one of my very favorite people who is also a tenor in my church choir.  His beautiful grandson was baptized Sunday, and

Crazy 8

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There is a special magic which occurs when the eight people pictured - the Bergs, Repsholdts, Glucks, and Marschalls - manage to gather around one dinner table for their annual once-a-year meal.   But getting our eight calendars to align is incredibly tricky- roughly akin to getting Meryl Streep, Barbra Streisand and Bette Davis signed to

Fall Down . . . Go Boom

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Yesterday was an incredibly gorgeous day - although around these parts,  any day without a monsoon is a gorgeous day when you’ve had as putrid a fall as we’ve  suffered thus far.    But yesterday was a dazzlingly gorgeous day - comfortable temperature,  cloudless sky,  just a slight breeze - so Kathy and I took Ellie

Young Love

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Why are these four young people smiling so broadly?  Isn’t it obvious?  Because they’ve been watching Giuseppe Verdi’s magnificent opera “Aida” in a high definition simulcast from the Metropolitan Opera.   (The large tub of popcorn is a bit of a giveaway that we weren’t at any opera house- but rather at our local movie theater.)


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When I look over my blog entries of the last several months, there are two predominant themes:   Music . . . and Creepy Crawlers.  And this morning,  those two themes coincided in a most unusual and unexpected way. I spent a good portion of my Saturday morning play piano accompaniments for about ten Union Grove

The Sunshine Boys

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I was laughing my head off tonight at the Racine Theater Guild, watching their new production of Neil Simon’s “The Sunshine Boys” - but this hilarious comedy was enshrouded with much more than its fair share of drama as well. First a word about the plot,  which is about Willie and Al- two vaudeville comedians

Glee Nix

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I want to like “Glee” -  I really do.  It’s a show that celebrates music and the powerful bonds that can be built between musicians - plus it preaches one of my core beliefs, which is that making music is a joy that anyone and everyone should be able to embrace without fear of recrimination.   

Listen Up

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There were some very memorable moments during tonight’s choral concert at Carthage,  which featured not only the Carthage Choir - but also the top choirs from Kenosha’s three public high schools:  Indian Trails,  Bradford, and Tremper.   (It’s amazing and more than a little embarrassing that our music department all but ignored the amazing choral programs