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He Ain’t Heavy. . .

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I just learned a few minutes ago that my brother Steve - who has been in a Seattle hospital for over a week - has taken a turn for the worse.   And suddenly, nothing matters quite as much as being there with him.   I am actually a little bit stunned that I feel so strongly

Cave In

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One highlight of the week in Decorah which had absolutely nothing to do with choral music or Weston Noble or Luther College was the visit which I paid with the Spencer-Bergs to Niagra Cave, which is right outside of Harmony, Minnesota.  I remember visiting Wonder Cave and Ice Cave when we lived in Decorah, but

Truly Amazing

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This is one photo that I feel like printing up, framing, and hanging on the wall as a tangible reminder of a remarkable week in Decorah when I experienced just about every human emotion one can feel.   I was about to liken it to trying to go on every single ride at Disney World in

Homecoming Crunch

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I have SO much to blog about tonight: my amazing week with the Weston Noble Alumni Choir . . . all the fun I had showing Decorah to my father-in-law, w/ the able assistance of Kathy and Randi & Co. . . .  and most important of all, my brother Steve’s hospitalization over the past

Elmer and Steve

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I’m about to embark on a little trip to Decorah, Iowa - to participate in something called the Weston Noble Alumni Choir - or something like that.   This is the first time I am part of this, and I am excited. . . especially because they are  going to be doing my Amazing Grace for

“Some” Assembly Required

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It began so innocently, with a trip to Colder’s Furniture just south of Milwaukee.  Our plan was to spend our store credit (which we got when we bought our new living room furniture a few months ago) on some much-needed new chairs for our kitchen table.  (We bought our previous chairs from Sears Home -

Girl Talk

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I made someone cry yesterday.  And a few moments later, I was pretty close to crying myself.  And it was all because of an amazing book called “The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women and a Forty-Year Friendship.”  This is a book which has been a consistent presence in the New York Times Top

Blow the Crumpets

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For a little added excitement, some people go to night clubs- others go sky diving- and some tour the Louvre.  Kathy and I go to Sendik’s Grocery Store. Have you ever been there?  It’s just about the fanciest grocery story you’re ever going to see. . . the kind of place where it would not

Back in my arms again

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Whatever criticism one could level at how I host WGTD’s Morning Show . . . that I say “um” too much. . . that my intro’s are too verbose. . . that I tend to forget about balancing the volume of the guest with my own. . . you can’t say that I don’t cast

Back Up Singers

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Saturday afternoon I read an email from Carthage’s business manager which caused me to tap dance with glee: my studio, which is about to be repainted and re-carpeted, does not need to be cleared until a week from today. (Originally, I thought it was today.)  And because of Honky Tonk craziness and other distractions,  there