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Due Honor

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I haven’t had time to read any reviews of Sunday night’s Oscars telecast,  but I’m hoping that somebody out there agrees with me that the best innovation among the many we saw was having five past winners come out onstage to pay tribute to all five of the current nominees in each acting category.   Part

The Booth Fairy

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This is not exactly an award-winning photograph,  but it’s the best one I could manage to take to capture an image of my wife in her latest Racine Theater Guild undertaking- as stage manager for the comedy “Leading Ladies.”   She is in the control booth for each and every performance of the play,  essentially running

Mr. D.

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I had quite a busy day yesterday, between prospective student auditions at Carthage, two rehearsals at Kenosha’s choral festival, and a Musici Amici rehearsal. . . but I spent every spare moment I could listening to something truly extraordinary on the radio. . .  a Metropolitan Opera live broadcast of Cilea’s Adrianna Lecouvreur with a

Car Crash

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No, this is not about any tragic mishaps. . .  I didn’t have any rough encounters with telephone poles. . .   (although it might actually help the current state of my car.) No, I’m just lamenting the fact that my car is hideous-looking right now, both inside and out.  The inside is almost always awful,

Dad and Daughter

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One week ago,  I was sitting in the pews for a very special and moving funeral service.   It was for Gail Roth, the daughter of Bill Roth - the longtime organist at Carthage and someone I have such fond feelings for.   It has been over three decades since Bill and his wife Carol received the

Middle Ground

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  God bless the middle school choral directors among us - and for that matter, high school choral directors as well.  I always feel that intense admiration (coupled with sheer exhaustion)  once I have put myself in front of a bunch of young singers - and by that, I mean singers younger than the college

Picking and Choosing

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The other day I needed to look up a hymn in the LBW - the “green book” of the Lutheran church which most congregations have now discarded in favor of the new “red book,” which in Holy Communion’s pews resides right beside the supplemental “blue book.”   (Evidently, Lutherans like their colors.)  I was wanting to

Birthday Wishes

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Today was my 49th birthday,  and I have to say that I was rather embarrassed that all of the nation’s banks chose to close their doors today in honor of the occasion.  That really wasn’t necessary.  Next year, for my 50th?  Sure.   But not for my 49th.  That’s just plain silly. Some random thoughts. .

The Lost Sheep & the Panicky Shepherd

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I got a phone call the other night that scared me to death - but I want to tread carefully here so I am not giving the slightest hint as to who it involved.  About 10:45 Thursday night the phone rang- and it was the spouse of one of my senior choir members,  wondering if

Warm & Fuzzy

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Those are two words you don’t want to use when describing the contents of your refrigerator,  but I’m afraid they are perfectly applicable for our ailing Kenmore.   Kathy went into the freezer yesterday afternoon to get something and found a small lake where ice should have been . . . and everything soggy and completely