Car Payment

Car Payment

There aren’t a lot of advantages to having a pig sty for a car- but here’s one. . . when you clean it out from top to bottom, you get a nice little bonus.  Or at least that’s how it works with me.  I have been known to go through a drive-thru or two in my life, and more often than not the change just gets tossed on the seat next to me from which it manages to migrate through the rest of the automobile.

So I cleaned out the car the other day – with special attention given to the space underneath the seats –  and put all of the coins and bills into a Christmas mug – and a second – and half of a third.  And once I had brushed off the remnants of Taco Bell from the coins that had been on the floor, I laid them out on the kitchen table by denominations (do coins have denominations?)  and counted it all.  The final total?


And that’s without the pennies.

And that doesn’t even break the record.  When I sold my royal blue Ford Taurus, I pulled more than $90 from it.

It sounds a little nutty, I know, but it’s basically a case of using my car like a piggy bank.  (In fact, I may put a big slit in the roof.)  I’ll grant you that there are better ways to start a college fund for my nieces and nephews, but there it is.

Just add this to the fairly lengthy list of irritating things about me that my wonderful wife tolerates and even laughs about – so far.  May her patience never wane.