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What a weekend! - a Chapter Six concert Friday night, an opera simulcast Sat. afternoon, playing organ for church this morning, honors convocation and recital this afternoon--- but the  high point for me was the Sr. recital of ‘Sluss’ - Nic Sluss- Rodionov Saturday night. Some years ago, (it feels like ten years ago but

A Day at the Met in Kenosha, WI

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This afternoon was the last High-Definition simulcast of the current Metropolitan Opera season.  For those of you who haven’t followed this as breathlessly as I have, the Met embarked on an experiment this year in which six Saturday afternoon performances during the radio broadcast season were also beamed to select movie theaters across the country. 

Protecting Puppies

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Have any of you from around here seen the ongoing series on WTMJ Channel 4 nighttime news about puppy mills? Over the last several nights, one of their reporters has filed tremendously disturbing reports on how lax the state of Wisconsin is in regulating puppy mills. It turns out that most states in the union-

Exciting and Terrifying News

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Big news came from my youngest brother Nathan yesterday; a date - May 30th - has been set for him to have brain surgery in the hopes that his chronic seizures brought on by his epilepsy might be brought under control or even eliminated.  Nate has been suffering petite mal seizures since 1989- the year

Silence- The Very Best Compliment

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Last night was a triumphant night for my student Trevor Parker.  He came back to Carthage for a fifth year in order to complete a performance degree in music and to take some other things that were of interest to him- and opted to do a second senior recital as part of a special project

Barking at the Screen

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I love this shot of Ellie barking at the television screen because one of her fellow canines can be seen there.  I did some of my own barking at the tv screen last night, thanks to the obnoxious work of Chris Matthews on his MSNBC program.  We chose MSNBC because we thought it would be

Looking for Goodness and Gentleness

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The news of yesterday’s Virginia Tech massacre has all of us still reeling.  My thoughts have tumbled in all sorts of different directions.  One thing which occurred to most of the Bergs almost right away is that dear family friends of ours live in Blacksburg-  the Tlou’s.  Josiah and Leetha were dear friends of my

Two Love Stories

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Today was a wonderful day, and a day which involved two different love stories.  Kathy and I ate lunch today with our young friends Trevor and Megan.  Trevor is a fifth year senior at Carthage and one of the finest voice students I have ever had- and one of those rare students who also becomes

Easter Bread or Easter Cake

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Kathy’s dad showed us a neat little notebook that he found the other day in his garage - a small three-ring binder in which Kathy’s mom had carefully written down some interesting essays and sayings she had found - and she even put a table of contents in at the front.  It is wonderful to

MUST SEE – Monday, 4/9- “Jonestown”

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I have an idea.  Whenever I blog about something I think people have to see on television or at the movies, I’ll put in this picture of fireworks at DisneyLand.  (I’ve got a different picture in mind when I want to recommend a book.)  Once in awhile (as in this case) there may be a